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I am going to confess something to you- I have a really hard time doing more than a couple of things at once.  If you are a subscriber of this blog, you probably have already figured that out!  That’s why you haven’t seen any new blog posts from me until now.

The photo above is Artichoke Heart and Olive Dip.  It is super healthy and easy to make!

I have not been baking much because we haven’t wanted to eat a lot of sugar and also because I am realizing more and more that my body just doesn’t digest carbs very well.  Every time I bake (and sample) something fun, I seem to gain a pound or two and then that goes away within a week or so of not eating carbs again.

I am a little touchy about gaining weight after gaining and losing steroid weight when I had chemo last year.  I also gained weight when I was taking Tamoxifen.  I had to quit taking that last October because I had way too many side effects.  I tried it for 5 months and things were getting worse, not better.

I am just now feeling back to my normal self like I was before my breast cancer treatment.  One of the side effects that I got from the Tamoxifen was muscle cramps in my lower legs and feet when I did any amount of exercise on my elliptical.  That just stopped happening a few weeks ago, even though I quit the Tamoxifen last October.  I am just thankful that I am getting back to normal.  Oh, and I couldn’t wear any kind of shoes other than tennis shoes while that was going on either.  I just wore heels again for the first time a few days ago and it made me feel like celebrating!

Frank and I switched to eating mostly organic food at the beginning of August.  Neither of us had ever researched to find out what GMO really was, or what went on in the commercial meat industry.

We went organic the day after we started our research.

Here is an excerpt  from an article in the newsletter dated October 6, 2013:

“Genetically engineered foods, as well as conventional crops that are heavily sprayed with glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup), have lower nutrient density than organic foods. They also contain high amounts of pesticides with documented harmful health effects, along with novel, highly allergenic, proteins.”

Another good reason to go organic is you might be able to lose weight easier.  I was having a hard time losing the last few pounds after chemo and Tamoxifen and then we went organic.  I didn’t do anything else different, but suddenly the weight started coming off easier.  Here is a paragraph from an article that was published online way back on December 3, 2008 in the  This article was written by Sarah Dussault.

  Blaming the obesity epidemic on overeating and inactivity has yet to solve any problems. But now, research is pointing to the expanded production and consumption of genetically modified foods as the culprit for the current weight problem in America.

You may now be asking, what chemicals may be causing people to gain weight?  Pesticides, growth hormones, artificial flavoring, herbicides, and any other man made chemical that we ingest are possible to blame.  A few names you may be familiar with are Olestra, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Saccharine, MSG, to name a few.  These foods have already been linked to cause cancer, now they are being blamed for obesity throughout various studies.”

I went through my pantry and donated a lot of things to the food bank so it wouldn’t be wasted, then we went shopping.  Ouch!  The first couple of shopping trips are pretty expensive because you are restocking all of your basic items that you would not usually be out of all at once.

My Virgo list making tendencies kicked in and I started keeping track of prices of items that we bought regularly at different stores.   If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, then they might have the best prices on a lot of different organic foods.  You need to make sure that the package says either ‘USDA Organic’ or ‘Non GMO Project Verified’.  Beware of the term “natural” when it is used on any kind of packaging.  It sounds like it would be healthier, but it is meaningless.  Natural is not a term that is regulated by the FDA, so it means something different to each company that uses it on their label.  Mostly it is just used to fool the public into thinking that particular food is healthier.

If you want to learn more about GMO, I have a Pinterest board on the subject and I have found a lot of interesting articles to pin to it- including the ones referenced above.

Frank and I are still learning more every day about what foods are healthy to eat.  Just today I found out that McCormick Garlic Powder is made in China!  I don’t think we want to be consuming that after all of the problems with dog treats that are made in China!  The garlic powder says on the label that it is packaged in the USA, so if a consumer isn’t reading carefully, they would just see USA and think everything was ok.

I want to focus on sharing healthy and economical recipes on this blog that are mostly organic.  I am not going to make myself crazy by demanding that every single thing I eat be organic, but as much as possible.

I am also still spending a lot of time making and promoting my jewelry, so I will be sharing that with you too.  I will be having a drawing giveaway of my jewelry soon, so keep watching for that!

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