Everyone deserves a freshly baked cookie. Thats the idea that got Ikes started. But how we got there in the first place—thats a longer story.

One summer, Ben, our dog Ike, and I took a trip to Vermont for a getaway. The last night of our visit, Hurricane Irene came through, devastating the town we were staying in along with every road and house in its path.

We spent the next four days stranded, without clean water, food, or any way home. We depended on the kindness of people we met during the disaster and they depended on ours.

Then, just as quickly as the storm had destroyed everything in sight, it was over. The Forest Service plowed a mud road through the rubble, and we were on our way back to New York City.


When we got home, we realized it was time for a change. We saw so many people lose everything and yet, back home, all of us had so much.

So I went into the kitchen for perspective. It was something I had done since I was little, when my Mom would push chairs against the counter so I could reach. Little by little, night after night, it all came together: a way for anyone, anytime to have one of life’s simplest, most magical pleasures—a freshly baked cookie.

We saw the chance to do something we love, help people in need, and give customers something wonderful. We dove in.

And now, here we are: a little cookie company with big ideas about good food, good causes, and good hearts.

Every new customer who visits us becomes a part of what Ikes is about: honesty, generosity, and goodness. Thanks for coming by and learning about us. We hope you love the cookies.

Alex, Ben, (and that handsome devil in the middle) Ike